Tattoo Pens Create The Awesomeness Of Tattoos Without The Committment

2 Week Tattoos2 Week Tattoos

Love tattoos but don't feel like committing your life to one? Or maybe the pain is keeping you from the tattoo parlor? Either way, tattoo pens are on the market, and this invention can finally give you the awesome tattoo you've always wanted. Semi-permanent cosmetic skin pens will make you look like a rebel without the act of rebeliion. 

Tattoo pens are cosmetic pens you use directly on your skin. Try placing one on the traditional bicep, the inside of the wrist, or if you're feeling spicy, the lower back. It doesn't matter where, as long as it's a clean area. Tattoo pen brands vary on application. 2 Week Tattoos has an antiseptic wipe you should use first, and then you place a stencil sticker on your skin. The tattoo markers color over it. You can draw and print your own sticker designs, as well. After applying the topcoat, the tattoo will last up to two weeks. Stargazer Tattoo Pens use a similar approach, but their tattoos are only meant to last a day. 2 Week Tattoos has a special wipe for removing their tattoos, while Stargazer says tattoos can be removed with make-up remover. With tattoo pens, it's easy to get the look you want in a few minutes.Stargazer Tattoo DesignStargazer Tattoo Design


 It seems the biggest issue these pens have is the inability to last. Odds are, your cool, new tattoo won't be around for two weeks. It will likely stick for three to four days and wash off. Stargazer is honest when it comes to how long your act of rebellion will last. You're constantly shedding skin layers, and these pens are really only staining the outermost layer. In a few days, your design will be gone, but, hey, you were looking for a temporary tattoo, after all. Tattoo pens work well for Halloween, photo shoots, testing a tattoo design, or days you just want to have a little fun. If you want something more permanent, you'll have to face the tattoo parlor.

To purchase 2 Week Tattoo Pens, click here. Stargazer pens are sold here. You can always find different brands on Amazon, as well. 

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