Taxidermy Fashion Accessories: Fashion You Won’t Want To Find In Your Stocking

Fashion that incorporates animal images or shapes usually evokes one of two things - cute and cuddly or hot and fierce. A new line of accessories falls into neither category and it's really quite disturbing. Don't buy these fashion accessories for anyone's stocking this Christmas, unless you're prepared for a nasty complaint letter to be delivered to Santa and his elves.

Guinea Pig Hair PieceGuinea Pig Hair Piece

Designer Reid Peppard has created a line of taxidermy accessories for those dead animal lovers who just don't get enough of hanging animal hide and heads around their homes. Now it's possible to really show off a love for the morbid with cufflinks made from mouse heads, coin purses made from rats, and even hair accessories from dead guinea pigs.

Spare those you love this holiday season, and stay far away from this terrifying line of fashion accessories!

Via: LA Weekly Blog

Mar 19, 2010
by Anonymous

oh my god!

this is horrible! theyre just killing poor, innocent animals for fashion accessories thst no one will wear!! bless those poor little creatures... :(

Nov 6, 2011
by Anonymous

I wish it where fake but no

I wish it where fake but no their real alright

Dec 6, 2011
by Anonymous


If you had taken the time to look through Reid Peppard's work, you would know that she only picks up roadkill. The message of her work is to turn the bodies of animals that would have normally just been seen as filthy trash into something to be admired. Do a little research before posting.

Feb 7, 2012
by Anonymous


Yeah I found another sicko who uses birds and animals

What is with these people?