Taxo Tokyo Concept Blurs Line Between Bus and Taxi

Many cities have been spending quite a bit of time and money researching ways to improve their mass transportation systems. Some are looking into hybrid or all electric busses and taxis, while others are focusing on greener subways and light rails. Designer Eva Toftum may have provided another choice for cities that are trying to streamline public transit.

The Taxi Tokyo Concept takes the mobility of a taxi and, when needed, couples it with the passenger space of a full size bus. The taxi itself will be able to move about the city and ferry a few passengers at a time to wherever they should wish to go.

However, let's say you have a group of people all waiting to go to the same destination (airport, shopping center, ect) they will be loaded onto a larger bus frame., Once everyone is aboard, the taxi will merge with said frame and provide power to move the whole group all at once.

Of course, one can immediately see that the number of people able to cram onto the bus will be greatly reduced due to the detachable taxi front end, but this was something that was taken into consideration during the design phase. According to the press release, "the taxi works as a transport which is public, yet it creates a "private" public space."

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