Tazer Toy A Shockingly Bad Idea - Gee, Who'd Have Thought?

In what has to be one of the most colossally stupid marketing moves ever made, a company is now producing "toy" tazers that not only resemble the real thing, but give out real shocks. Yeah, this is going to end well.

It's called the "Police Electric Baton Shock" toy and it looks just like a stun-gun or tazer you'd see on the street at a policeman's hip or in the movies (the scene in "The Hangover" comes to mind). Unlike a cheap plastic imitation, however, this toy not only looks like the real thing, but it delivers a - according to the Web site - "strong but harmless shock" when the shock button is depressed. 

The documentation accompanying this thing is absolutely ludicrous. The Web site states that it is an "ideal joke and monster toy" - whatever the hell that means, and says that you can either use it to "get moving again or give some annoying persons a strong but harmless shock". It is apparently not for children or the elderly (duh) and is "not dangerous if used properly".

It uses less than 3.6V, which doesn't really matter since even that can deliver a substantial shock and comes with a built-in flashlight that is - wait for it - "safe to use if you don't touch the shock button".

For some reason the toy only costs $3.40, so we're not entirely sure this whole thing isn't a ridiculous scam page that is out there just to rile people up.

Regardless, while the Police Electric Baton Shock toy is hilarious, it is also a terrible, terrible, idea. It's called a toy, which means kids will use it, and carrying one of these around in public is likely to attract attention from officers who carry the real versions with them.

We'd suggest finding another way to get your thrills.

Source: Focal Price