Tea Goes High-Tech With The Breville One-Touch Tea Maker


Coffee drinking is so trendy and high-tech these days.  New and improved brewers are constantly coming on the market, each claiming to make a more flavorful cup of joe.  Tea on the other hand, has been much slower in its modernization.  Sure, there are plenty of fancy looking teapots available, but the brewing concept has remained pretty constant and maybe that is how most tea drinkers like it.

For the tea enthusiasts who want to try a more state of the art device though, there is the Breville One-Touch Tea Maker.  This is a brewer for serious tea aficionados.  The price tag on this one is about $250.00, but it is meant to take all of the guesswork out of brewing the perfect cup.

The device contains an automated tea basket to hold loose tea leaves.  It will move up and down while the tea is steeping to thoroughly infuse the water.  The creators have also taken into consideration that different kinds of tea brew best at different temperatures, so the controls allow you to select the type of tea as well as the preferred strength. 

Also, having a freshly brewed cup waiting for you when you get up in the morning is no longer a luxury for coffee drinkers alone.  This machine can be filled with tea and water and set for whatever time you want. 


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