TeaBOT: Custom Loose Leaf Tea Vending Machine

Some days I get the feeling that I overuse the term "trendy". But I also recognize that there are times when there is just no better description. The latest thing I'm going to apply it to is loose leaf-tea. Obviously, tea itself isn't a new thing, but embracing the loose-leaf form has once again started to become a mainstream trend in North America.

As trendy as loose-leaf tea has become, you can't just get yourself a piping hot cup everywhere, as a lot of cafes and coffee shops stick to the more convenient tea bags to give tea lovers their caffeine fix (or at least, something to warm their soul). But that doesn't mean that loose-leaf tea can't be convenient - in fact, its now being dispensed in a manner one might even call the ultimate convenience.

Vending machines are a reader favorite, and this one has a rather minimalist design while managing to accomplish some amazing things. TeaBOT holds a variety of loose tea leaves, and is attached to a tablet that allows for customer selection. This robot proves that you don't need to see a barista (who you know will only get your name wrong anyway), in order to get a personalized experience when you order your beverage of choice.

Customers of this unique vending machine can choose a tea blend of their choice by opting for as many different flavors as they'd like. It's even possible to select the temperature of the brew. It really isn't possible to cater to individual tastes better than that!

TeaBOT is currently undergoing a trial run in Toronto. Its first day of operation was December 13th, and it will make an appearance again on December 20th. In the future, they're hoping to roll it out on a larger scale and make it possible for tea lovers to get custom leaf blends at home.

Via: Blog TO