Teach Your Old House Some New Tricks : The Nest Learning Thermostat

 Nest - The Learning ThermostatNest - The Learning Thermostat


Looking at the new, smart technology that is so common in the market today, it often feels like we live in the future. That being said, it is only a matter of time before every aspect of our lives gets some type of makeover. The Nest Learning Thermostat is that cosmetic, technological, and economic facelift for the heating and cooling of our homes. We have smart televisions, phones, and cars, so the idea of a smart house is only a short leap away. Like many of the most life-changing advancements in recent years, the idea for the Nest thermostat sprung from the minds at Apple, but only after the bodies attached to those minds decided to leave the technology titan and create their own company, Nest.

In many homes, thermostats control up to half of the energy costs, but for the most part, they are overlooked, and only occasionally adjusted. A median temperature is usually found that keeps the household from open, temperature-based warfare, and the old style thermostat maintains that peace-keeping temperature until it is fiddled with once again.

The new generation of thermostats however, led by Nest, actually learns the habits of the house, as well as the routines that occur on daily, weekly, and monthly timelines. At first, Nest must be adjusted somewhat frequently, so it can begin to remember the schedule of comings and goings, but every time the dial is touched, it learns. When you leave the house, it adjusts to an "away" temperature, which can greatly cut down on energy costs. If you have a regular sleeping or morning schedule, Nest will learn it, and within a few weeks, the temperature will be how you like it, when you like it, without having to touch the dial.


The Nest Thermostat FunctionsThe Nest Thermostat Functions


The Nest can be controlled from smart phones and computers, so it is easy to adjust while you're away, or if there is a variation in the normal schedule that it has patterned.  Also, when you adjust the temperature, it will tell you exactly how long it will take before that temperature is reached, so the days of cranking the AC to 55 in order to flash-freeze the house on hot, summer days are over.

In order to track your energy usage, a small leaf appears to tell you when you are saving energy and, consequently, money. There are tools which adjust heating and cooling needs based on the weather outside as well as the size of your house, and Nest even reminds you to change your air filters. There is also a function screen that tracks your usage, so you can literally count the dollars and cents in savings versus your old system, while estimates are that with a well-trained Nest, you can save 20% on your energy bills.

It is surprisingly easy to install and can be connected to the same wiring system that the vast majority of thermostat systems already have in place. It is also aesthetically pleasing, and somewhat futuristic in its' appearance, like a brilliant and benevolent eye of "Big Brother" keeping a close watch on your home, your wallet, and your impact on the environment.


 The Nest with Wiring PanelThe Nest with Wiring Panel


The Nest Thermostat is sleek, sexy, and user-friendly in every way, from the moment you open the minimalist packaging to the shockingly simple installation, and the speed with which it learns about your habits and needs will quickly prove that there is a lot of proverbial bang for your buck . This is the next step in the evolution of our homes, our participation in energy conservation, and cost-cutting measures for monthly budgets. In these days of gadgets, gizmos, and technologies that continue to make life easier, The Nest thermostat stands out as a tremendously "smart" step forward.

To learn more about the benefits, details, or creative minds of Nest, visit their website. You can read the mostly rave reviews for the Nest Thermostat and buy it here on Amazon.

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