TeatreNeu: Comedy Club Charges Per Laugh

Pay-as-you-go style compensation structures are not new, although they were once innovative in themselves. A la carte sushi allows you to pay per piece, cell phones have you pay-per-minute, and many services are offered by the hour. So, a business featuring a similar payment structure doesn't makes it unique. What does is the unit item that's being paid for - and it's certainly the first we've seen.

The TeatreNeau, located in Barcelona, Spain is a typical comedy club in all the ways that really matter, since their mission is to make patrons laugh. However, they ultimately have a unique payment structure to ensure that customers only pay an amount reflective of their satisfaction. Of course, satisfaction at a comedy club pertains directly to just how humorous each individual thinks each act is.

Ten years ago, accurately measuring just how much someone enjoys a comedy act would have been an impossible concept. Now, through convenient devices we call tablets, and a proprietary app called PayPerLaugh, facial recognition is used to identify laughter.

Every time an audience member laughs, proving they're enjoying the performance, they're charged 0.30 EURO. There is a maximum charge of 24 EURO. Ironically, part of the reason they implemented the system was because of complaints about ticket prices (after they increased due to government taxation). Now they find that the average audience member pays more per ticket, and there's no arguing that they got every penny's worth.

The group behind the app expects that the use of this app and business structure will become standard in Spanish theaters.

They've released a great video on VIMEO (which also happens to be the source of the photos).

Via: BBC News