Tech-Air Is The World's First Self-Contained Street Airbag System

Tech-Air Airbag SystemTech-Air Airbag System

A friend once told me that there are two types of motorcyclists: those who've crashed and those who haven't crashed...yet. The groundbreaking Tech-Air Airbag System protects motorcyclists' bodies against those crashes. It is the world's first instinctive, self-contained street airbag system.

This unique airbag system offers instantaneous, high-pressure inflatable protection, that comprehensively covers the upper body, in the event of a crash. When inflated, the Tech-Air Airbag System covers the rider's full back and shoulders, kidneys and chest. 

Tech-Air InflatedTech-Air Inflated

The Tech-Air Airbag System functions without the need for sensors on the bike. It is a completely independent unit, with the sensors imbedded in the chest area of a specially designed vest. Other airbag systems operate off a wireless signal from the bike. With the Tech-Air, you can ride any bike anywhere and still have the protection of an airbag system. 

The Tech-Air Airbag VestThe Tech-Air Airbag Vest

The Tech-Air system works off an algorithm formulated to predict impact. Research has shown that a rider's body remains relatively stable, regardless of terrain or conditions, until the point at which an accident (contact) occurs. The Tech-Air Airbag System is designed to activate as soon as it recognizes changes in the rider's body stability, ensuring deployment before the body hits an obstacle. Check out the video below to see it in action. 

The Tech-Air can be used both on and off-road, so ATV riders can utilize this technology as well. It is effective on all types of terrain. It also doesn't need to be switched from setting to setting if you're changing terrain; just keep on riding.  

You can ride with Tech-Air in all conditions. The unit is protected by a vest with a durable, water-resistant casing. When worn under a compatible jacket, the Tech-Air is completely weather-proof. 

If you're a motorcyclist and you want the most innovative safety technology, you may want to check out the Tech-Air Airbag System. You can find more information, including ordering info, on the Tech-Air site