Tech-Savvy Manicures: Nano Nails Work On Your Smartphone

I file and paint  my nails on a weekly basis. I check my phone on an hourly basis. One thing I've learned from my nail and smartphone obsession is that the two don't always work well together. I recently tried Nano Nails, an artificial nail you attach to your index finger, which serves as a stylus. If the Nano Nail works, then women could have the best of both worlds.

Nano Nails are grey, artificial nails. The ends are thicker than natural nails and cut in the traditional square shape. They attach with nail glue or tab adhesives, which you must buy seperately. I didn't know much about my Nano Nails when they arrived, so I made sure to read the instructions. You can file the ends and the side to fit your finger, but do not file the stylus end. Nano Nails cannot be rounded because a certain amount of surface area must touch the screen in order to register with the device. I always round my nails, so I was a little disappointed that this was the case. 

 You can paint your Nano Nail however you'd like. You can place nail strips over them, in addition to other false nails. Really, you can decorate them just like your regular nail. I painted mine with polish. Looking at my nails, I think it's obvious which nail is fake because my other nails are shorter and narrower. Next time I wear a Nano Nails, I will be applying artificials over all my nails so they match.Guess which one is the Nano NailGuess which one is the Nano Nail

Due to my impatience, the Nano Nails learning curve is probably my least favorite aspect of this gadget. The stylus must hit the screen at a 90 degree angle. To find the "sweet spot," you need to rock the tip of the nail over the screen. Eventually, muscle memory takes over, and you'll use it correctly each time. Once you find the spot, the Nano Nail works really well. I personally think it works best for writing and drawing on apps like Snapchat. That's when I'll be using it the most.

 Removing the Nano Nail is easy. I soaked my nail in acetone based nail polish remover, and it dissolved quickly. If you use tabs, you can remove the Nano Nail and use it again. Nano Nail recommends wearing the nail for about a week. The stylus starts to break down after that point.

Overall, I like the Nano Nail. I think it's a good idea, but you really only need it if you like having long, square nails. You also need to be patient with it. If that's you, I recommend giving Nano Nails a shot. You receive 4 nails in your pack, which retails at $9.99.  Not too shabby of a price. For women who love well-manicured nails and their smartphones, the Nano Nail is just the thing. You'll have the precision of a stylus and the glamour of a manicure at the same time. Women can have the best of both worlds with the Nano Nail. 

For more info on the Nano Nail, I recommend checking out the blog. You can purchase Nano Nails here.

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