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Touch Screen DiningTouch Screen DiningHow many times have you gone to a restaurant whether it is a neighborhood greasy spoon joint or a high end hotspot, only to get a waiter who insists on taking your order verbally instead of writing it down because they feel they are skillful enough to remember it?

Thanks to technology and restaurants wanting to improve its efficiency with customer service, touch screen ordering systems are now available. These systems allow customers to bypass the whole ordering charade with a human by enabling the ability to order items via a screen similar to that of an ATM.

Most of us request "special" items beyond the basic menu dish such as cooked well done, on the side, extra cheese, etc. - this leaves ample room for messing up an order. This innovative new technology which has already started taking off in both the UK and LA gives the consumer peace of mind knowing they are getting what they want and freedom from having to wait for restaurant staff.

Some restaurants have gone to great lengths to create both a hardware and software platform that is both simple to use and has a clean interface. Some of the touch screen systems that have been developed even offer features such as free games like trivia, solitaire, and children's puzzles. For hungry consumers with children this system is a dream come true.

If you’re in California, swing by uWink, this restaurant has replaced its entire serving staff with high-tech touchscreen ordering systems. Oh and don't worry if this isn't yet available in your area, the restaurant business is notoriously known for its competitiveness, and ordering a meal at the touch of a button will surely be a concept that is bound to spread. Read more about uWink here .

Vicki Kwong
Guest Blogger

Our Guest Blogger, Vicki Kwong is a Computer Support Technician, Web Designer, and Graphic artist based in beautiful Vancouver, B.C. She has worked in the IT industry for several years and those known to her consider her a serial enthusiast when it comes to technology.

Jul 8, 2008
by Anonymous


In a way a great thing but would you want to touch the screen and/or the keyboard after another customer? There should be the option to use a keyboard instead of touching the screen too. And not everyone has clean hands ya know! The order could probably be messed up anyways too.

Jul 9, 2008
by Anonymous

I'm not sure

I don't see the need for a keyboard. But I hope they have wipes to clean the screen before each use if you desire. You're right, it isn't always the fault of the server that the order is messed up. I guess it's fine if you don't mind that you have to order and pick up your own food. Then if the food is messed up you can complain directly to the person that prepared your food.

Jul 9, 2008
by Anonymous


not everyone like touch screens and most of them are more used to keyboard keys. Not everyone can move with the times :p I feel really old now! :D I'm not even 40!!

Jul 9, 2008
by Anonymous

This is a "green idea"....

Shifting from Paper and Pen/Pencil = Green Idea
Sure - we all need to wash our hands more - especially when using touch screens - but if you think about it, how many times does everyone use the same handle on a door to any building we want to go into - more people than we care to know about it for sure.

Regular Reader :-)