Technological INTELligence Comes to China

With its longstanding pledge to develop innovation through local communities, Intel recently opened a software innovation and support center in Hangzhou, which is a capital city in East China.

The Intel Zhejiang Software Technology Innovation Support Center (whew!) is promised to be one of the largest arenas of software development, testing and validation in Asia. It is also one of the most advanced computer centers in the region.

This area of China is one of the leading regions in software development, currently hosting around 1000 software companies. It is also the flagship of around 10,000 software engineering graduates each year. If any innovation is going to come out of Asia, you can rest assured it will come out of the Zhejiang area.

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The Innovation Center is sure to be pimped out with Intel’s most advanced features in technology, empowering the developing technological minds who use them to make the best discoveries for our world possible.

China’s IT industry is growing at an impressively fast rate, making the establishment of the Intel center timely and convenient for aspiring techies. Intel is taking the steps necessary to have the strongest relationship with Asia out of all American software companies, and with the Innovation Center, they are very close to succeeding.

Source: Technology News Daily

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