Technologies Come To The Help Of Boston Blast Victims

Boston ExplosionsBoston Explosions


If you watched the news today then chances are you saw the horrific explosions that occurred in Boston. There were several deaths and many wounded in what many think is the latest terror attack against the country. However, while many were riveted in front of their TV screens, Twitter clients or web browsers, many other individuals, companies and organizations used technology to reach out and try to make a difference in these hard times.

The authorities quickly took control of the Boston communication infrastructure after the blasts, turning cellphones off. Many roads were closed, and public transport systems were disrupted. As such, there were many worried people across the country. In a gesture of generosity, one particular site called Twilio started offering ways for people without cell service to call their families for free. Meanwhile, Google opened up its People Finder site for those trying to find relatives or loved ones in Boston. This is a bulletin board system where people can post about folks that they know about, or that they are trying to reach. Finally, the authorities also used technology in the wake of the disaster, with both the FBI and Boston Police using Twitter to ask for help from the community in finding any video or evidence that could help their investigation.

During such tragedies, the human factor is the most immediate concern. But there are many innovators and entrepreneurs out there that plan for the worse, and when things like this happen, they are ready to use technology in order to help out, by providing quick and useful services for those who may be in need. While the first respondents receive most of the media attention, those who plan ahead and provide such useful systems must also be celebrated.

Apr 28, 2013
by Anonymous

Cell phone service was not

Cell phone service was not turned off. Who knows where that rumor started.