TechTagger Is The Low Tech Solution To Lost Items

Raise your hand if you've ever lost your phone. Quite a few of you, huh? Have you tried GPS lock-on or 3rd party GPS tracking software to find your lost phone only to be sorely disappointed when it was unable to track it for you? Do you believe in the good of your fellow man? TechTagger is the low tech solution to one of our most frequently lost items, cell phones, and relies solely on other people telling you they found your phone.

Phones die. The all-important "juice" provided from the battery will eventually run out, and your phone will be even more useless than when it was just lost. Many times when the battery dies, GPS lock-on is no longer available, so what do you do when this happens? Cry, wonder what it all means, dig out that old Blackberry from the drawer?  Well, if you are using a TechTagger there is still a chance your precious mobile device will find its way home.

Since it's a sticker, the TechTagger is not limited by silly things like "iOS only" or "Android only." It's not even limited by petty things like, "Is it a phone?" If you're afraid of losing it, you can slap a TechTagger on it. Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Fido? Check.

The TechTagger is so simple it's almost brilliant. You order the tags (currently free!), place the durable sticker on whatever you fear losing, and that's it. The sticker contains a unique code that when entered into the website allows the finder to send a message letting them know they have found their personal item. The TechTagger is definitely a simple solution to a big problem, but it will be interesting to see how many good Samaritans there are out there that will actually return the lost items.