Teddy Bear Bouquet Warms Her Heart On Valentine's Day

Old and busted: Saying it with flowers. New hotness: Saying it with bears! Teddy Bears, to be exact, 11 soft and fluffy little Teddy Bears arranged in a beautiful bouquet wrapped like roses.

This beautiful Bear Bouquet features 11 cute, cuddly little Teddy Bears arranged and wrapped like a bouquet of roses. Even better, the Teddy Bear Bouquet doesn't need to be watered and will last way longer than perishable roses. Spritz 'em lightly with her fave perfume and they'll smell nicer, too.

Why 11 and not a full dozen? In Chinese, the number 1 is used to represent “wholeheartedly” and “with great passion”. By doubling the number 1, “this bouquet which contains 11 teddy bears has become a symbol of love. Many couples and families are giving this gift to show their love.” There you have it – now go memorize the above and practice explaining earnestly when the time comes.

Teddy Bear Bouquets come in your choice of Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Black and Beige, and each one costs 4,600 yen or around $53.90. (via Gizmodiva)


Feb 3, 2012
by Anonymous

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Cool Teddy Bear Bouquet. Hope I could have one and give it to my girlfriend. She love teddy bears. Hope I could date her in Bone Island, Key West, Florida this coming Valentine's day.

Feb 5, 2012
by Anonymous

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Nice gift for this valentines day 2012, i hope i could find one for my loved one.