Teddy Scares: A Not So Cuddly Bear Alternative

My girlfriend has a great teddy bear.  He looks all happy, has a giant head, and proudly carries the wear and tear of being hugged since she was a little girl.  This little guy exudes happiness and love.  Here.  Take a look:

Mr. Bear rules.Mr. Bear rules.

See.  Told ya.

I think you'd agree with me that Granger Evermore, of the Teddy Scares, is quite different from my girlfriend's bear:


I don't know if I would snuggle with that.  I'd be afraid.  Then again, it would probably keep the Boogie-man at bay...

Hear no evil?Hear no evil?

Teddy Scares are unique stuffed animals for those of us with a sense for the morbid.  See, these little guys are supposed to be re-animated from beyond the grave.  Yep.  Zombie Teddy Bears.

Mundy Drudge looks like he smells...Mundy Drudge looks like he smells...

 Each Teddy Scare comes with a biography.  For example, Redmond Gore (above) likes "sharpening his axe and splicing wires" and has a past occupation as a school bus driver.  Creepy.

They come in both 6 inch and 12 inch sizes.  Whichever you purchase depends on how well you wish to sleep at night.  The little 6 inch version could probably only maim you; the 12 inch, however... well, I remember Chucky from Child's Play.  He wasn't much larger than 12 inches and look at how much damage he did.



Still, there's a soft spot in my heart for these little guys.  It's not their fault that they're homicidal.  They're just raised from the dead that way.

Plus, who doesn't like a girl in a school uniform:

Rita MortisRita Mortis

...even if she has glowing red eyes and carries a baseball bat.

Sleep tight, kiddies...

You can find the Teddy Scares at Amazon.com here and at Things That Go Boo.

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