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As part of their Make, Create, Innovate campaign, CNN reports on a teenager who accomplished the goal that many young people have at some point in their lives, but this one actually went ahead and did it for just $2,000. In the backyard of his home, Justin Beckerman built his own submarine. This isn't just a floating apparatus either, it turned out to be a fully functional sub, with ballast tanks, an oxygen line, pumps and emergency equipment. The sub can stay underwater for two hours and roam around at 1.5 mile per hour.

According to his parents, Justin has been building things since he was a little kid, and since he lives near a lake, this outcome was only natural. He says that he now wants to explore the lake, see fish and whatever else happens to be at the bottom. He posted a long account of the process behind building his submarine on his web site, and claims that he wants to keep building things, making it into a business.

Many inventors started when they were young. They did not become inventors as an adult, instead creating things as a school kid. Certainly making a working submarine is on the upper end of what is possible with household equipment and a tiny budget, so already Justin has been interviewed by many networks eager to find out what this next generation of inventors are going to be like.