Teens Develop 60-Second Cure For Noise-Induced Tinnitus

If you hang out in dance clubs, play in a band, listen to music blasting from your car stereo or your audio headphones, or use noisy machinery, you'll be glad to know that there is relief available for the after-effects of those experiences.  The "cure" for temporary tinnitus, the bothersome ringing or buzzing in your ears, was developed by two Irish physics students, who probably have experienced some tinnitus of their own.

Tinnitus is a consistent and annoying tone, whir, or buzz that originates in the middle ear and, though it may let up for a few seconds or longer, it is a fairly continuous sound.  Tinnitus is a medical condition which can have several causes, but temporary tinnitus generally does't last longer than 24 hours and is caused by a relatively short exposure to noise.

Rhona Togher and Eimear O' Carroll, inventors of sound therapy for temporary tinnitus, were runner-up winners of the the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition this year.  Their project for the exhibition was to test their sound therapy (a 60-second low frequency tone administered through head phones) on 250 subjects who were experiencing temporary tinnitus. The therapy had a 99 percent success rate!

"After coming out of discos or listening to MP3 players they [the subjects] found they had ringing in their ears. Our therapy... stimulated and soothed the ear, O' Carroll told BBC News.

O' Carroll and Togher, along with their teacher, Anthony Carolan, have since formed Restored Hearing Ltd., in Sligo County, Ireland to offer their technology to sufferers of tinnitus.  You can find out more about it and order the treatment, very affordably, from their website.

The website is now creating "phenomenal levels of interest," said Ms. O' Carroll. 

The team, which has been working on tinnitus for a few years, is now researching the effects of its therapy on persons who suffer from long-term tinnitus, a field in which minimal success has been made.


sources:  BBC News, Restored Hearing, BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition

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Dec 21, 2009
by Anonymous

Temporary tinnitus can become permanent

Trust me.

I am an MD who had a six-week temporary tinnitus. Then a few months later it returned and has remained for 20 years.

Dec 23, 2009
by Anonymous


I have permanent tinnitus from working in the music industry. It affects daily life. Its definitely torturous at times. A cure would be welcomed by many.

Jan 17, 2010
by Anonymous

Same here. And tinnitus

Same here. And tinnitus didn't come alone, it came together with some hearing loss. If the therapy works, that's fine, but the risk is that people may even become less aware of the risks of loud noise. "No problem, 60 seconds of treatment and it's gone". But it doesn't cure the hearing loss, does it?

Jan 23, 2010
by Anonymous


Yeah I've had it my whole life... it sucks ass