Teeny Weeny? Trunk In My Junk Offers Men Easy Way To Stuff Their Package

Want your package to look bigger?  If you answered yes (or you're just plain curious), we have thesolution (tm) for you.

Trunk in my Junk is the male version of a stuffed bra.  And before you roll your eyes, you may be interested to know that attire made to draw attention to a man's genitalia and make it appear larger was also commonplace once upon a time.

Cod pieces were actually very important in the 15th and 16th centuries since men's pants underwent a transformation which left a gap in the crotch area, leaving their manhood exposed.  The solution to this dilemma was to cover the crotch area with a cloth flap which would become a statement piece in itself.  Cod pieces were commonly padded, enlarged, and made out of metal to exaggerate size and attract attention.  They were even fashionably shaped into things like a man’s face.

TheSolution's Trunk in my Junk does exactly what codpieces did in the days of old, it provides "male false advertising".

"Teeny weeny?  Missing package?  Shameful shrinkage?" If you suffer from any of these unfortunate conditions, maybe nude colored Trunk in my Junk is the nylon-covered polyurethane male enhancement option for you.  Just shove it in some good looking underwear like the ones below and watch the good times roll.


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