Teeter Popper: Think Balance Board. Think Bubble Wrap

The Teeter Popper, a Fat Brain Toys product, has been named a finalist in the Goddard School Preschooler-Approved Toy Test and is predicted to be a hot seller at Christmas. Gasp! Who said Christmas? Apple season just started; why would I speak such vulgarity? Let’s not think about it just yet. Think balance board. Think Sit ‘n Spin. Think tiny boat. Think bubble wrap. Now wrap them into one toy and you will have the Teeter Popper.

The Teeter Popper has already won ASTRA’s Best Toy For Kids Award, but the question is this: Will it win you over? If you don’t mind the sound of Teeter Popper’s silicone suction cups popping off of a kitchen or hardwood floor, then yes. If the sound of someone else popping bubble wrap or constantly snapping their gum makes you want to scream and punch them in the throat, then no. Which is worse: the sound of your child having fun with a potentially awesome but annoying toy or the sound of them nagging you or fighting with their siblings? Only you can answer that.

The upside is that your kids will want to play on this thing. While being safe and made with durable plastic capable of holding up to 110 pounds, it has an air of danger. The Teeter Popper is great because if can be used to spin, rock, balance or tilt. It’s a challenge and exciting for kids to figure out all of the cool ways to use it. But while it might seem edgy to a kid, know that your child is working on balance, gross motor skills and coordination while she plays.

The downside is that your kids will want to play on this thing. This thing with its popping suction cups and reasons for shouting and giggling. Why do kids always want to shout? My twin boys will yell for no reason other than to be loud. My daughter is constantly talking to herself. So. Much. Noise. A Teeter Popper will add more noise to your house.

The Teeter Popper is geared toward kids three years old and up, and apparently the “pleasant” popping sound is meant to reward kids for their movement. I hate to say it, but I told you so. Kids love noise. Kids love fun. And kids like to be challenged. A Teeter Popper will give them all three.

You may need to be bubble wrapped to keep your head safe from beating it against the wall, but your kids will be working on core strength and stability while they rock and pop themselves silly on a Teeter Popper.

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