TeleNav GPS Navigator™ Wins 2008 Mobile Internet Innovation Award

GPS systems are tough to follow while you are driving... not to mention dangerous. The TeleNav GPS Navigator provides both a visual map and voice driving instructions through your cell phone. Yesterday, the visual-voice navigator received xchange magazine's Mobile Internet World Innovation 2008 Award, adding to the list of TeleNav's awards and recognitions.

The TeleNav GPS Navigator is a cell phone service that you purchase through your cell phone provider. It is available from larger U.S. carriers and some charge as little as $9.99 per month for unlimited usage, without charging your air time!

Like a Google map, you enter or call in your destination and the Navigator guides you each step of the way by voice and visual directions. If you miss a turn, the TeleNav automatically reroutes you. And if there should be an accident or roadwork stalling traffic ahead, the TeleNav will let you know in time to request a route change.

The TeleNav GPS Navigator features several language choices, a parking spot marker (no more lost cars!), a cheap fuel finder, and a business finder, including Wi-Fi hotspots, ATM's, restaurants and gas stations. Additionally, it enables you to call the business you are looking for, without charging for wireless directory assistance.

The 2008 Mobile Internet Innovation Award will be formally announced in the January 2009 issue of xchange magazine.

source: TeleNav via Press Release.

Oct 29, 2008
by Anonymous

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