TeleSound Makes Sounds From Your Smartphone

TeleSound pairs with your smartphoneTeleSound pairs with your smartphone

A new gadget has appeared on Kickstarter called TeleSound. This is a gadget, or a toy, which links to a smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth and allows you to send sounds through the speaker that is integrated inside of the colorful device. The company will provide a free app which can send thousands of sounds to this gadget within 30 feet. 

The site describes this as a way to have fun with friends, children or even pets, and also as a way to get sound based notifications. One could imagine that if your smartphone is away from you and you get a message, then you could hear it more easily when coming from such a speaker. The pet toy angle is also an interesting one, where multiple new cat videos could be made using this toy. The goal is to have very simple controls where turning it around will turn it on or off, and it will pair automatically any time you get home with your smartphone.

The Kickstarter page shows that so far, the project has $12k in funding out of the $100k goal, with 16 days to go. At this speed, the chance that they will get their funding is rather low, but if interest picks up for the TeleSound, then perhaps we will have yet another smartphone related gadget on the market.