Temperature Taking for the Temperamental

Even though cold season is almost over and done with, babies are still prone to illness during warm weather. Discover an easy way to take the temperature of those who are, well, temperamental, with the Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer.

Designed by the innovative company, Summer Infant, Inc., this digital thermometer gives parents a way to monitor fevers without upsetting their child the way a more invasive temperature reader would. Simply replace the child’s usual binky with the thermometer until the temperature is registered, and you are finished!

A pacifier for temperature taking easeA pacifier for temperature taking ease

While some children will not comply with the unique shape of the pacifier, many parents have found this to be a handy tool that works quite well. The screen even changes to a red color if a fever is present. Pair that with an audible beep to notify a complete reading, and you have a convenient way to ensure baby is healthy year round.

Most babies will happily complyMost babies will happily comply

The thermometer can be ordered through Amazon.com for an impressively low price, and oftentimes qualifies for free shipping. Take the hassle out of temperature taking, and consider ordering one of these handy items today.

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