Tempescope Is Cool New Way To See Weather Info In Your Home

An inventor from Tokyo, Japan has developed a unique ambient weather display for your home.

So, when you wake up in the morning you no longer have to rush to your computer, smartphone, TV, radio or newspaper to see what the temps and weather conditions are for the day.

Now all you need to do is just walk into your living room and check out a display in a clear box that reproduces weather conditions in real time.

That clear box is called the Tempescope, and the brainchild of this invention is Ken Kawamoto.

The Tempescope displays the weather in a magnificent responsive climate display: rain, clouds, lightning, and sunshine.

How The Tempescope Was Born

This weather display system in a box brings four kinds of weather into your home, and it obtains weather data via your smartphone or internet.

Those who purchase this display will have to put it together, but this is not hard at all. Once the Tempescope arrives at your door, you simply read over the manual, connect a bunch of wires together, and then grab a screw driver to connect its four main components.

The reason users have to put it together on their own is to keep production and ships costs down, according to Kawamoto.

The Tempescope came to life after Kawamoto returned home a few years ago from a trip in the Marianas – a tropical, hot and scenic locale. He wished he could have brought the sunny skies home with him and with this he developed a prototype in a shampoo bottle.

That shampoo bottle was fueled with LEDs, a mist generator and a fan and which replicated programmed weather conditions through computer software.

With this, the Tempescope was born, and Kawamoto immediately assembled a team together to take his invention to the next level. They created an open source version with the aid of DIY enthusiasts, and they made sure their invention was synced through Bluetooth to mobile devices and personal area networks, so that the weather forecast of the day could be displayed.

Life With The Tempescope

With the Tempescope, you don’t have click open an app to know what the weather will be like for the day. You just take a quick look at the box and you will know what you need to wear and take with you before leaving the house.

What’s even more unique about this invention is that you can display the weather from other parts of the world.  Through the Tempescope app you can sync your display to a different sky. Just click on the location you desire and the weather will be displayed for you in real time.

As well, you can click on the Tempescope app and you can also set the weather in the display to your liking. So, if it’s raining out, you can set the display to sunny skies. Or if it’s sunny out, you can set it to another weather condition – rain, clouds, or lightning.

The Tempescope displays weather forecasts in your area, or from other parts of the world. And it also lets you display the weather you are in the mood for.

Is an invention like this expensive? Not really – it retails for $199.00 (USD).