Tempest Freerunning Academy: Bringing Your Video Game Fantasies To Life

Imagine a place straight from your favorite Mario World game where you could run and jump around to your heart's content and hit those question marks as you pass them. Now head on over to the Tempest Freerunning Academy to see that world you imagined in real life.

The Academy's facilities boast of world-class indoor parkour playground that was designed by X Games ramp builder Nate Wessel. In case you're wondering what parkour is, it's actually a utilitarian discipline where the traceur (the practitioner) traverses his or her surrounding environment easily and swiftly by applying techniques founded on the concept of self-preservation.

In other words, try to recall those action movies of those actors (or stuntmen, really) scaling walls and jumping from one building to another in one swift motion to get a clearer picture of what that long definition meant.

Here's a video showing those traceurs at their craft as they maneuver through this fancy video-game themed parkour playground with energy and agility that I don't think my body could ever muster:


What do you think? If you live in Los Angeles, California, then you could probably see all of this live by dropping over at the playground; otherwise, you'd just have to stick to watching the video above like me.

Check out Tempest Freerunning Academy's site here: Official Site.