Ten Toilet Brushes That Could Make Toilet Cleaning Fun

Toilet cleaning is a chore that never gets "done". If you have kids, it can be an exercise in futility. However, designers are trying to make our jobs more fun, if not more pleasant. Inspired by this fun article on Pot Stinkers: Funny Toilet Brushes From Japan, I decided  to look for funny ones in the U. S.  Here are my finds for some innovative but strange, odd and interesting new toilet brushes to brighten your day and make toilet cleaning more fun:

Giraffe Toilet BrushGiraffe Toilet Brush

1.  Giraffe Toilet Brush.

This  might be a clever addition to the kids’ bathroom. It is whimsical and clever, with a non-skid base to keep it steady. The innovative giraffe print is soft for gripping comfort.

Pinocchio Toilet BrushPinocchio Toilet Brush

2. Pinocchio Toilet Brush.

 Smiling, practical and such a big liar, Pinocchio has to do the clean up in this bathroom. His nose is the handle for the brush, and his face and hat are the holder (ewww!). Why is he smiling, with that kind of treatment?

Flower Toilet BrushFlower Toilet Brush

3.  Flower Toilet Brush.

This flower toilet brush also comes in a daffodil design. The flower design brush has a coordinating flower pot base and a soft grip handle.

 Cowboy Boot Toilet BrushCowboy Boot Toilet Brush

4.  Boot Toilet Brush.

All you cowpokes and cowgirls will be glad to see the Boot brush and holder. This one is created of hand painted poly-resin with incredible detail and  realism.

Skull Toilet BrushSkull Toilet Brush

5. Skull Toilet Brush.

For the goth set, or perhaps for Halloween decorating, we have the Skull toilet brush set. Cast in resin and hand finished, this brush has other accessories available. These include a toilet paper roll holder, comforter, paper towel holder and more.

Pistol Toilet BrushPistol Toilet Brush

6.  Pistol Toilet Brush.

Looking for first-person shooter action in the loo? Try this innovative synthetic semi-automatic pistol toilet brush to blast away toilet ick. Comes in a James Bond agent gift box.

Cherry Toilet BrushCherry Toilet Brush

7. Cherry Toilet Brush.

Pretty please clean the toilet, with a cherry on top? This shiny new red Cherry toilet brush set helps keep the toilet spotless. 

Kakak Toilet BrushKakak Toilet Brush

8. Poop Toilet Brush 

The innovative KaKaK toilet brush from Jordi Pla Studio is a propylene brush that comes in several attractive colors. It also looks like a slightly loose stool. Caca is "poop" in Spanish.

Gold Plated Toilet BrushGold Plated Toilet Brush

9.  Amazing Genuine Gold Toilet Brush

Have a pot of gold? Here is the perfect potty brush in chrome or gold at a ridiculously expensive price. Designer Windisch Nameek plated the brush handle and holder in 24 karat gold and topped it with a 100% Strass Swarovski crystal on the top of the handle. Have your maid clean in style with this top-of-the-line swisher.

Swarovski Crystal Toilet BrushSwarovski Crystal Toilet Brush

10. Silver Toilet Brush

If silver matches your décor better than gold, try the Skoati stainless steel brush with silver plate coating. Made in Italy, this brush and holder are definitely high end.

What innovative toilet cleaning accessories suit your style? Personally, I prefer the ones that other people wield when cleaning my house.

Take a look at these  Strange Toilet Brushes From Japan and see what the Japanese have come up with to brighten up their toilet cleaning chore.
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