Ten Even More Weird and Bizarre Japanese Soft Drinks

6) NEEDS Cheese Drink

Well, you balked at Bilk so now it's come to this:NEEDS Cheese Drink. Nuh-uh, that's where I draw the line. I prefer to enjoy my cheese in the solid state, thank you, where I can shave off a paper-thin slice with that fiendish cheese-shaving knife. NEEDS Cheese Drink, I don't needs.

In fact, it seems the only ones who DO needs NEEDS are those pesky dairy farmers in Hokkaido, who “needs” to do something about growing stocks of surplus milk. If only there was something, sort of like a baby but still a cow, who could drink the surplus milk... ah well, never mind. (via F*cked Gaijin)



5) Hawaiian Deep-Sea Water

Remember those old movies, when a few shipwreck survivors are stuck in a lifeboat, dying of thirst? And one guy can't stand it anymore and starts drinking seawater, which drives him INSANE??

Koyo USA Corp wants you to forget all that. The maker of MaHaLo brand“Hawaiian Deep-Sea Water” is making a killing on desalinated deep ocean water thirst-crazed Japanese are falling all over themselves to buy... at between $4 and $6 per 1.5 liter bottle, no less. 

Koyo USA Corp produces 200,000 bottles of processed seawater a day and can barely keep up with demand in Japan. According to company spokesman John Frosted, “At this point, we can't make enough. We have no surplus.”

Thank goodness for that, because the thought of seawater beer or seawater cheese drink would drive ME insane!



4) Kid's Wine

Kid's Wine – not just a road trip complaint anymore! Kid's Beer topped our list last time around, but did you know the same company, Sangaria, makes “wine” specially made for children? They also make their website play the cheesiest, most annoying music ever heard online. Maybe you have to be drunk on Kid's Wine to truly appreciate it.



Jul 29, 2008
by Anonymous

Cool drinks

there is this little japanese "Hello Kitty" store in my local mall and they always stock genuine Japanese softdrinks. I usually buy this lime green melon/berry soda buy the case and cant get enough of it. Its all in Japanese so I have no idea what it says I just know it tastes VERy good Ice Cold!


Jul 29, 2008
by Anonymous

Hello Kitty soft drinks

-made with feline placenta-

Jul 29, 2008
by Anonymous

Son Nguyen

Definitely some creative sh*t.

Jul 30, 2008
by Anonymous

I loves my Pocari Sweat

Hey man, don't be dissing on my Pocari Sweat, I love that stuff. There is a Pocari Sweat vending machine right outside my station (Ishikawacho) and I've considered getting a few buddies to toss it in the back of my work van some Friday night.

Jul 30, 2008
by Anonymous

I live in Hong Kong...

and we get lots of weird Japanese stuff here, but I've never seen milk beer, cheese drinks or eel soda. lol

Jul 30, 2008
by Anonymous

If you drink yogurt smoothies...

...what's wrong with drinking cheese? Whey to go, Japan!

Also, although I've never mixed beer and milk, a wine and milk syllabub is one of those old-fashioned drinks you really ought to try. If you warm the milk to cow temperature in the microwave and pour wine in, you get to watch the mixture clabber into funky little bubbly things. (It's better if you add spices and eggs to the milk, or just start out with eggnog. Also, most people like the look of white wine better.)

Aug 1, 2008
by Anonymous


How on earth is this 3rd?!?!?

Its got to be THE most disgusting invention in soft drink marketing as of yet.

Aug 3, 2008
by Anonymous

Exchange student in Japan

It's only eel extract... don't see why it's such a huge deal.

Also, furu-furu shaker is awesome.
My dorm should seriously stock up on it.

Aug 11, 2008
by Anonymous

what th' @#^&???

what th' @#^&???

Aug 12, 2008
by Anonymous

typical Japanese

Actually, some are not popular in Japan. I've never seen before eel, placenta, bilk and needs.
Kid's beer is quite popular. When i and my family go for dinner, my kids order and enjoy it anytime feeling like adult.
Pocari and furufuru-shaker are very popular in Japan. Furufuru (it means "SHAKE" in Japanese) is my favorite. Now grape tastes is for sale too. Try it!

By the way, do you know CALPIS? It sounds like cow-piss,eh? CALPIS is also very popular drink. So the name is not good for foreigner, it is sold as CALPICO in the other country.

Aug 12, 2008
by Steve Levenstein
Steve Levenstein's picture


Calpis sounds awful but is actually delicious - we can buy it hear in Canada in flavors including natural, strawberry, peach, mango, guava, aloe and lychee. Calpis was covered in my previous (Part 1) post on this topic. Follow the link in the article!

Aug 20, 2008
by Anonymous

Fanta Furufuru

The Fanta shaker is actually delicious, even if the concept is bizarre. The mix of carbonated beverage and gelatin is somehow delicious and I wish that they'd release this drink in other countries outside of Japan.

Sep 22, 2008
by Anonymous


speaking of the name, calpico means fake in greek!

Oct 7, 2008
by Anonymous

woot japan~~~!!

those r some fu**ed up drinks rofl
and yeah people love pocari sweat but all those other sh**s.... damn japanese r fu**ing creative in disgusting way

Jan 29, 2009
by Anonymous

milk stout

Actually, depending on how Bilk is made, it's not weird at all. Lactose is a sugar from milk which when added to the malt during production makes a sweeter beer due to the fact that yeast can't change it into alcohol as it can most sugars. Mackeson's Extra Stout is made this way; google "milk stout" for more info.

Of course, if they just blend it together, then yeah, that's just messed up.