Ten Really Weird, Totally Bizarre Kewpie Doll Cell Phone Charms

Cute Kewpie Dolls from HellCute Kewpie Dolls from Hell
Kewpie Dolls are loved by Japanese young and old, and what better way to show your love than by attaching one to your cell phone? But you know, love is strange sometimes... these Ten Weird and Bizarre Kewpie Doll Cell Phone Charms prove it beyond anyone's imagination!

A while back, I posted an article titled "Bizarre Bondage Kewpie Doll Charms" that described a series of Kewpie Doll phone charms that somewhat disturbingly combined sexy with cute. To the surprise of few, Bondage Kewpie Dolls have become a hit! And, since fetishes like bondage, S&M and the like appeal mainly to a certain niche market, cell phone charm manufacturer extraordinaire Strapya World has now introduced a NEW line of Kewpie Doll cell phone charms, weirder and more bizarre than ever!

View this YouTube promo video if you REALLY want to be weirded out...

Creepy, huh? But wait - that's just the nickel tour of Kewpie Doll craziness. To get the full effect, check out the ten most bizarre of the bunch:


10) Sperm Worm Kewpie

"Haro" to you too!"Haro" to you too!
Is it a sperm or is it a worm? We're not sure, but it's recommended you keep the Sperm Worm Kewpie Doll charm far away from the eggs in your fridge. This creepy charm looks like it recently escaped from a freak show. It's a sure conversation starter - or stopper - without a doubt!


9) Anorexia Kewpie

"Please sir, can I have some more?""Please sir, can I have some more?"
Starved for affection or just starving? The Anorexia Kewpie Doll charm displays exposed ribs and sunken eyes, yet it still manages to be cute! Having it watch you while you eat might be all the motivation you need to pass on that second helping of cheesecake...


8) Buff Kewpie

"We're going to pump - you up!""We're going to pump - you up!"
Speaking of cheesecake, the Buff Kewpie Doll charm is here to show you how good you could look if you'd only put down that fork and pick up a barbell for a change. Six-pack or six-pack abs, the choice is yours...


7) Obesity Kewpie

Eat meets waist...Eat meets waist...
Whoa, someone really overdid it on the Kewpie Mayonnaise! Yes indeed, the Obesity Kewpie Doll charm gives you more to love - MUCH more. But hey... the Buddha was a chubby sort of chap so who am I to criticize?


Dec 9, 2007
by Lady Bee
Lady Bee's picture

I'll take a whole set for Xmas, Steve

Next time you order Steve... I want one of each! I thought they would be offensive, but they're not. They're kind of sweet.

Mar 23, 2008
by Anonymous

they are so cute! where to buy them?

i wonder where to buy them i want the skull one so badly....please tell me where i can get those....