Ten Really Weird, Totally Bizarre Kewpie Doll Cell Phone Charms

6) Japanese Ghost Kewpie

Good night nurse!Good night nurse!
The Japanese Ghost Kewpie Doll charm isn't some Japanese version of lovable Casper, oh no no no! On the contrary, this is a Japanese ghost like the ones who scared the bejabbers out of you in Ring, The Grudge or other classic Japanese horror flicks.

The Japanese Ghost Kewpie Doll charm comes complete with bloodstained nurse's uniform & cap, a handy-dandy knife and of course, the finishing touch: a droplet of blood at the corner of her sweetly smiling mouth.



5) Melting Kewpie

"Damn, forgot my sunscreen!""Damn, forgot my sunscreen!"
"I'm melllllting, I'm melllllting.." So says the Melting Kewpie Doll charm, taking a page from the Wicked Witch of the West's script. Too hot to handle? So it seems!


4) Gramps Kewpie

Who doesn't love a naked grandpa?Who doesn't love a naked grandpa?
Getting old is no picnic, and getting old & naked just spreads the pain around. Show your respect for the elderly, and, er, natural lifestyles with the Gramps Kewpie Doll charm. Hey, nude oldsters need love too!


3) Hard Gay Kewpie

OK, here's where things really start to get weird... Hard Gay Kewpie. For those who don't know (and count yourselves lucky), "Razor Ramon Hard Gay" is a Japanese comedian and former wrestler who wears leather cruisewear (no, not your parents' cruisewear) and goes around doing good deeds such as helping old ladies cross the street - then humping them like a dog. I kid you not.

The unofficial Hard Gay Kewpie Doll charm lets you show your enjoyment and appreciation of Razor Ramon's flamboyant antics while creeping out the public in general.



2) Zombie Kewpie

"You saw me"... and for that you must die!"You saw me"... and for that you must die!
Many Japanese secure multiple charms to their cell phones, so if a Hard Gay Kewpie Doll charm isn't weird enough (though I find that "hard" to believe), go for broke by adding a Zombie Kewpie Doll charm! Bones, internal organs, even "braaaaains!" are neatly exposed for your viewing displeasure. Perfect for any and all undead friends on your holiday gift list!


1) Poopie Kewpie

"I'm an alien... from Uranus""I'm an alien... from Uranus"
Y'know, we could call this version of the beloved Kewpie Doll the "Chocolate Ice Cream" Kewpie Doll charm, but who would we be kidding? Nope, it's the Poopie Kewpie Doll charm, and it will probably sell like hotcakes. I said "sell", not "smell".

Anyway, do you think your boss is a sh**head? Wanna tell that annoying co-worker you don't care for his toilet humor? Looking for a nice way to tell one of your staff their ideas are crappy? Give them one of these... then finish cleaning out your desk.

The Poopie Kewpie Doll charm, as well as many of the others, was made for Strapya by a Japanese company called PQ. Their promo video for the Poopie Kewpie Doll charm has to be seen to be believed... actually, I've seen it and I still don't believe it. Check it out here, but be advised it's NSFW - and may deleteriously affect the state of your soul...

So there you have it, Ten Weird and Bizarre Kewpie Doll Cell Phone Charms. Strapya currently stocks about 350 different types of Kewpie Doll cell phone charms. Yes, 350 - they really love their Kewpies in Japan. Get yours direct from Strapya for just 658 yen (about $6.14) each plus shipping.

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer

Dec 9, 2007
by Lady Bee
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I'll take a whole set for Xmas, Steve

Next time you order Steve... I want one of each! I thought they would be offensive, but they're not. They're kind of sweet.

Mar 23, 2008
by Anonymous

they are so cute! where to buy them?

i wonder where to buy them i want the skull one so badly....please tell me where i can get those....