Ten Things To Think About Before Being Sucked Into iPad Fever

As ubiquitous as Apple is - it's still always wise for buyers to be aware. Like the iPod and iPhone that preceded it - sometimes it's best to wait for the first run's critiques before blindly jumping into the buying frenzy. To that end, here are ten things to know before following 'Pied Piper' Jobs off the proverbial 'first adopter' cliff.

1- Apple's Online Supply is exhausted.

If you didn't have the foresight to order months ago, web buyers who order an iPad today for Saturday's launch will be disappointed. All late-comers are being told that theirs won't ship until more than a week after the launch. The iPad models that use AT&T's high-speed, 3G wireless data network are due in late April So still time to hold back on purchasing until after you've read the other nine items here.

2- Not the reported $1000 but still pricey.

The 16 GB iPad with WiFi starts at $499, while the 16 GB with 3G coverage has a sticker price of $630, plus a data plan of $30 per month. Is this out of the price range for the average consumer? Particularly since many of us have already invested in iPods and iPhones already.


3- Accessories.

After your purchase, you are might need to dig a little deeper into your pockets before you're done. If you're going to invest $500 into a product, you might want to protect your equipment. Many will be buying the case that Apple is offering that comes with a built-in kickstand, while others might invest in a keyboard dock if they're not fully acclimated to a touch-screen. A few others accessories and peripherals will be available at launch, including a simple dock and external monitor adapter.

4- No camera. No Flash.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment. While other tablets like the HP and the Archos brands offer cameras and flash, the first-run iPads will not feature either. This may give you pause to consider waiting for the updated version which will probably  launch late 2010 or early 2011.  Apple didn't officially pre-announce a camera version, because pre-announcing features on the next launch of a product roll-out usually kills sales of the current model being offered, especially with tech products.



5- AT&T - the only provider.

In a move that could prove frustrating for many, Apple has only partnered with AT&T. If you are a customer that has had issues with this telecom's service in the past, you might want to wait for other deals to be struck. iPhone users in large urban areas like NYC have complained about AT&T's sketchy network coverage and less than stellar customer service.

Apr 1, 2010
by Anonymous


First of all, your summary is misleading. There's no GPS on the iPod Touch, either.... but the iPhone has it, and SO DOES THE 3G iPad, due out later this month.

Also, "no headphones"?? Oh, NO!!! It has a built-in speaker. Go get your own $10 buds. Please... like that's a deal-breaker? Plus, you tossed in that observation under the heading of "no multitasking". iPad, of course, lets you play music whilst running other apps. EXACTLY as the iPhone functions. Further, the 4.0 update (soon released) WILL add multitasking elements; it's confirmed, and will be a free update to ALL iPad owners.

"..no weather, clock or stock apps...." - C'mon, now. The omission of 1 or 2 apps is supposed to make this device a bad investment? Preposterous.

Besides, I'm sure there's a CLOCK, although the omission of an alarm feature is kind of stupid; I'll give you that, but again, I'm sure the 4.0 update will address this.

Oh, I'll tell you one more thing the iPad doesn't feature; the constant necessity of scanning and removing the onslaught of malware, trojans and viruses that Windows users contend with EVERY time they log on, visit a website or open their email.

In closing, I saw a forum where one poster said it best:

Poster "A" - "It's just a big iPod Touch!!"
Poster "B" - Yeah, and a swimming pool is just a big bathtub."

Apr 1, 2010
by admin2015
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Mine is Coming Saturday Morning

I'm looking forward to it. Waiting a week isn't really a long time for a really popular item. And the iPad 3G model does have GPS just like the iPhone. The regular iPad is more like the iPod Touch feature-wise.

And the iPhone platform, including the iPad is going to see an OS update this summer. Multitasking is rumored...

Roger Simmons
Web Master Inventorspot.com

Apr 1, 2010
by Anonymous

Great answer

I really like your respond.

Apr 1, 2010
by Anonymous

Yup, get ready for a strong dose of cognitive dissonance . . .

Once Dell's Mini-5 launches, hardware makers will soon realize that convergence is the name of the game for tablets. Hauling around a 10" form-factor provides little if any marginal benefit over bringing a laptop -- especially in light of restricted usability. Yet yesterday's standard 3.5" (max) smartphone screen really is too small to extend usability beyond what they do now. I can slip a 5", or even a 6" device into my jacket pocket, and the bluetooth headset I now have to use makes the "look" of holding it to my ear a moot point. The iPad missed the mark . . .

Apr 1, 2010
by Anonymous

keep sucking up

Apple sheeple all sound the same these days.
"It is simple and elegant and not complicated and won't get viruses and who cares if it doesn't do anything, my son's best friend's mom has one so I should too."
Your points come from the book of Apple apologists.
-No video out
-No camera
-No control over content, what if you want an app not on the official store? Oh yeah, you wouldn't.
-No expansion
-No Flash
It has long been obvious that "features and choice" are synonymous with "virus and malware" to the Apple crowd. Go enjoy your big-brother-pad and I'll keep my freedom and find a tablet that celebrates that.

Apr 2, 2010
by Anonymous

Response to "keep sucking up"

What you DON'T know is that I BUILT my first PC in 1996, and I was a regular MSW user, right up until about 5 years ago, and I service all MSW machines at my workplace. I know the ins and outs of working w/ PC's like the back of my hand.

I bought a Sager laptop (Win XP) several years ago, then realized I wasn't really using it too often, because it was a little too hot, and a little too heavy. I sold it to a friend, and thought I might take a leap and try an iBook (what is now called MacBook; the standard white variety). I figured it might boost the excitement to get a machine w/ a different, unfamiliar OS; I could actually LEARN something to boot.

So the fact is, I honestly came to the conclusion, through extensive usage of BOTH OS's, that I simply preferred working w/ the Mac. It's an EDUCATED decision, my friend.

Consequently, I celebrated my "freedom" by CHOOSING to work on OSX. You can have the "freedom" that comes w/ choosing the right soundcard, struggling w/ drivers that create conflicts, etc...... whilst I get on w/ the business of MAKING MUSIC!

If you have any real experience w/ both Mac AND PC, then your opinion is at least respectable, but I'm guessing you don't know dick about Macs. In either case, you don't know s**t about my motivations.

Move on.

Apr 2, 2010
by Anonymous

One more thing....

Oh, and let me address your criticisms:

-No video out - Of course there is. a simple cable does the trick, through the dock connector.

-No camera - It's true, but my home computer has one.... and it's NEVER used. A small clip-on one will do fine, if I ever give a crap.

-No control over content - it's easily jailbroken if I REALLY want to... then, you never really have "control", do you? simply a few extra choices. In either case, we're only REALLY limited by our available choices, and frankly, there's MORE than enough choice available through the app store, and the web.

-No expansion - get out of the dark ages, kid. You may as well complain that there's no floppy drive. It's all going cloud, and besides... any laptop can only "expand" by so much before it's a broke-down and busted Frankenstein (more closely resembling a desktop) anyway, that needs to be replaced. An antiquated concern.

-No Flash - Which may change at any time, if it happens at ALL before Flash is extinct, anyway.

I won't lie, the book-style Windows tablet that's coming out looks really nice, but If I have to run WINDOWS on it, why would I bother?

Neo-Apple haters try to tag Apple users as casual, know-nothings.... but you forget that, for YEARS, Mac was the ONLY serious choice for music and art professionals. It largely remains so. That seems to have been glossed over, in light of Apple's recent surge in popularity w/ the mainstream consumer, but you don't really know a THING about how hard design professionals and musicians laugh at the kind of stone-age complaints like the ones you're proffering here.

Apr 3, 2010
by Anonymous

great points

All the people who are bashing the review are just apple sheep. They buy anything that they sell. It is a rip off. It is a "large ipod touch".

Apr 3, 2010
by Anonymous

... and a swimming pool is

... and a swimming pool is just a big bathtub.

Apr 5, 2010
by Anonymous

big bathtub?

except you can't get naked in a swimming pool. Well, of course you can, but then you have other problems. This somehow correlates to jailbreaking, I'm sure. :P

Oct 8, 2010
by Anonymous

Calm down fanboy

"...Oh, I'll tell you one more thing the iPad doesn't feature; the constant necessity of scanning and removing the onslaught of malware, trojans and viruses that Windows users contend with EVERY time they log on, visit a website or open their email."

Yeah, you know why? Because like 90% or more of the people and businesses on the world use a computer with windows. So why programming Malware and virusses for MAC and reach maybe 3% of your target group instead of the chance reaching 60% of them?

That argument gets old and it isn't one anymore.

Apple is no 1 choice for graphic-work, music and ..let's say most creativity work. For the rest it's the PC. Matter of fact. (At home i have a PC and at work a Mac for my graphic stuff)
iPad is in my opiion an unessary thing. A lot of guys with iPad/iPhone and so on just buy and use it to show off with it. Sad, but true.