Tenease Cures Your Tennis Elbow

Anyone who saw 7-seeded, last-hope-for-America Andy Roddick go down to 14-seeded Marin Cilis earlier this week at the Australian Open knows that a little bit of discomfort can have a big impact on performance. Roddick complained of a sore shoulder that limited his accuracy.

If it the pain can get to Andy Roddick, it can certainly get to you. Tennis elbow is a common ailment of the sport caused by damaged tendon fibers. And since you don't have the personnel to massage your pain away and restring your racket, you'll need to look for alternative solutions. 

Tenease is a new therapy product that helps to alleviate tennis elbow.  The small, portable, electronic device uses "vibration therapy" to reduce pain and possibly speed healing. The device, which spent seven years in the R&D stages, straps onto your elbow and uses low frequency vibrations to increase blood flow to the affected area.

According to the press release, Tenease also interferes with transmission of pain signals to the brain, lowering the pain experienced by the affected individual. At the push of a button, Tenease provides 10 minutes of treatment that lasts up to four hours. 

Tenease was invented by orthopaedic surgeon Ranjan Vhadra. He was quoted in the press release as stating: " Vibration therapy has been available for many years with much research published in medical literature on its effectiveness. However, this treatment required large and expensive machines which meant the therapy was only available in hospital. We’ve been able to miniaturise the electronics used in the larger hospital machines so Tenease is now a portable, easy to use, safe and effective treatment that many tennis elbow sufferers are finding invaluable.”

Tenease underwent testing by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority and has been proven to provide relief. Tennis elbow isn't limited to tennis players, so this product could help out anyone that's been affected. 

Tenease is available for preorder at the website. It costs £69.95 (app. $113) and carries a 30-day money-back guarantee. Ship date is February 1.  

UPDATETenease is now available at Amazon here and other retailers. 

Press Release via Coolest Gadgets

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Oct 8, 2011
by Anonymous


sounds incredible! I will try it out. Thanks for the artikle!