The Terminator thinks different in China

Here's one of the latest viral videos making the rounds on the Chinese internets. 'Secret Mission of the Terminator' is a fun movie created by Leon Wang. It starts out with a shot of a terminator robot begging for change outside the Apple store in Beijing. After receiving a coin from a generous passer-by, he uses it to charge up from a nearby vending machine and then all heck breaks loose. Apple fanboys, please close your eyes. This isn't pretty.

I don't want to totally ruin the surprise for you, but lets just say that the folks in Redmond will surely be pleased with this one. Have a look for yourself. The fun starts at around the 2:30 mark. (Note: viewers in China can check it on Youku, due to the YouTube blockage).


So my initial reaction was that this might be some kind of viral video campaign in China by Microsoft, even if it was a tad harsh for an ad. Their marketing team has done stupider things, right? But I fired off a quick inquiry to Mr. Wang, and he told me that he just made the video purely for fun. He says that he's a fan of both Microsoft and Apple, and that he owns products of both companies. 

Whatever the case, he did a pretty sweet job creating his anti-Apple terminator robot. I bet if Jason Chen had anticipated the raid on his house, he'd have totally bought one of these! 

 Leon's terminator robotLeon's terminator robot

May 9, 2010
by Anonymous

Expand this to the US market

Bring this to the US & Canada for REEL Fun.