TerraCycle At Wal-Mart Only For The Month of April

Great news for TerraCycle fans everywhere! TerraCycle products are coming to Wal-Marts everywhere this April (only April) and will be showcasing over 60 different TerraCycle products including new never seen before products. Fans (including me) finally get to see what their collection of trash looks like recycled. 

If you aren't a fan of TerraCycle or don't know who TerraCycle is then you're missing out. Simply put, it is a great eco-friendly fundraiser that anyone can be a part of. As a member you collect your choice of trash/brigade, mail it all in to TerraCycle. TerraCycle collects this trash, puts money into your account and then about twice a year mails your earnings as a check to the organization of your choice. My organization of choice is my daughter's Girl Scout troop. It's that simple.

Just to get an idea how TerraCycle recycles this trash take a list of some of the products they offer below:
• ork boards made out of recycled cork
• tote bags, laptop case, pencil case, lunch kit, back packs and messenger bags made out of drink pouches
• holiday bow made out of cliff bar wrappers
• trick or treat tote made out of candy wrappers
• plant pots made out of e-waste
• kites made out of cookie wrappers
• clip boards made out of circuit boards
• notepads made out of cereal boxes
• bubble kit made out of milk bottles
• fire logs made out of paperboard
etc... Yes, you can purchase these products too.

"Now, for a limited time only between April 5th and April 29th, the largest selection of TerraCycle products ever will be available in every Wal-Mart store across the country". The products will be displayed under the title "Earth Zone" and will be sold right next to the items the products are made from. For example, tote bags made out of chip bags will be displayed right next to the chip bags. TerraCycle is doing this so that teracycle participants can see for themselves what their collected items can make.

For more information about this event visit the TerraCycle website. Interested in spreading the news? Here is a letter that explains the event  and a flyer to post everywhere.   


Via TerraCycle enewsletter