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Terrorist Teapot Plots To Make Tea Time Less Proper


Tea tends to have a classy reputation.  It conjures up images of properly dressed ladies sipping from delicate floral cups.  While tea service has certainly become less formal over the years, I have never seen it go quite so far in the other direction before.  I don’t normally think of terrorists as the tea drinking sort, but apparently someone has made that association.

The Terrorist Teapot offers an unusual way to serve up a hot cup of your favorite infusion.  The pot comes with a menacing stare and an intimidating ski mask that doubles as a tea cozy.  Imagine serving your grandmother tea from this pot!  She may never visit again!

If you are a guy who is a tea enthusiast or you know a guy who is then I could see this pot being a manlier and more appropriate choice than a flowery version.  No matter the user though, this teapot is sure to be a conversation starter and the conversations it starts will probably not be overly proper either.  You can find the Terrorist Teapot here.

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Kim Patterson
Innovative Health, Beauty and Kid's Products