Terrorists Air Car Faux-LEGO Set Turns Evildoers Into Blockheads

Want to beat LEGO at their own game? Then try a little terrorism! The jaw-dropping Terrorists Air Car set from GUDI brings the War On Terror to your child's playroom in 56 easily assembled pieces. 

The set bears the designated model number 8005 though it's doubtful GUDI makes over eight thousand different sets.

According to Tycho de Feijter of Car News China, who actually bought a set for 8 yuan or about $1.30, the various colorful pieces are fully compatible with authentic LEGO blocks though some pieces including the swiveling turret and the snarling terrorist's head are unique.

It only took de Feijter seven minutes to build the Terrorists Air Car with the help of the impressive instruction manual – IKEA could learn a lot from these guys. It also helps being a lot old than the age of 6, which GUDI advises to be the minimum age for a toy of this complexity.

The result is a four-wheeled vehicle vaguely resembling the Toyota “technical” 4WD trucks used by various militias from Algeria to Afghanistan. The name “Terrorists Air Car” refers to the four-barreled antiaircraft gun designed to shoot down opposing jets and helicopters like the ones NATO uses.

Serendipitously, GUDI makes and sells LEGO-like sets for the F-18 Hornet and KIOWA 'chopper so a modern-day home version of Cowboys & Indians is now possible.

The box also states there's a “Soldier Included” - that must refer to the stereotypical operator of the Terrorists Air Car. See his stubbly beard, the crossed ammo bandolier graphics across his chest, and of course the one-piece turban that looks sort of like a partially melted DEVO dome... no wonder LEGO stayed far, far away from this concept.

A Chinese company called Xinlexin Electronic Toys owns the GUDI brand, and as mentioned a wide variety of LEGO-like kits are available for sale online on Taobao. The Terrorists Air Car is listed here in case you want to give the gift of political incorrectness to your near and dear ones. Mission accomplished!