The Tesco Plant Perf Maintains Produce Freshness Naturally


Fresh local fruits and vegetables are always so great.  They have had a chance to properly ripen before being brought into the store at precisely the best time.  Unfortunately, in colder seasons there is not always a lot of local produce available, depending on where you live.  The stuff that gets shipped in is usually picked early and then takes a while to arrive at its final destination.  To keep it somewhat fresh looking it is often treated with harmful chemicals.  By the time you get it home from the store it has usually lost what little flavor and nutrition it originally had.



Maybe things do not always have to be this way though.  Tesco has developed a concept for a plant perfusion (or ‘plant perf’) system that will allow cut plants of any kind to get the nutrients they need on their way to the store.  Once a plant is cut the stem would be inserted into the perf and locked in place by pulling up the top.  The main part of the perf, which is made from corn starch plastic, holds the nutrients that the plant needs to keep from starving.



Source: ISpyce