Tesla Reveals Most of Model-S All Electric Sedan...Future Still in Question

The future of Tesla Motors has been in question throughout the past few months and many are beginning to believe they will soon go out of business. However, this hasn't stopped Tesla from planning the official debut of their new Model S Sedan, which is set to happen on March 26.

 Of course, they have to build the suspense by giving the obligatory teaser shots of the exterior. 

Like the Tesla Roadster, the Model S will be an all electric vehicle and a full charge on the Model S takes roughly 8 hours, the same as its older sibling. On a full charge, the Model S is said to be able to travel about 225 miles.

The Model S is set to go on sale in 2011 and will sport a starting price of $57,500. Tesla is hoping to sell somewhere in the rage of 20,000 units annually.

The real question is if people will pay a little more for an all electric vehicle when vehicles like the Chevy Volt and the Toyota Prius can offer extended ranges by using a gasoline hybrid drivetrain.

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Feb 22, 2009
by Anonymous

Game Changer EV

There is an inventor from Wisconsin who invented an all-electric car in the form of a Ford Ranger that was shown at the KARE 11 fair booth at the 2008 Minnesota State Fair.

It is capable of reaching 100 miles per hour in speed, has a range of 300 miles, charges in 10 minutes and is pollution free with only the pollution that is done to make the electricity to charge it.

The inventor of this invention has, to my understanding, approached Ford Motor Company with his invention. The Ford Motor Company, in my estimation, should latch onto this idea, pronto.

My understanding is there are members of Congress who are trying to shoot down this idea of an electric car.

Where is there any common sense in this country?

Mar 5, 2009
by George Delozier

I must say that I am very

I must say that I am very interested in hearing more about this.  Is there any way I can get in touch with this person and hear more about the vehicle?  I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for reading.

George Delozier
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