Tesla Teams Up with Design Students to Bring Futuristic EYE Concept EV

While a great deal of Tesla's resources have been devoted to the upcoming Model S, the designers have had a little time to work on future vehicles. One particular concept designed in conjunction with the Istituto Europeo di Design of Turin, or IED for short, could be hinting at the direction Tesla is planning on taking in the future.

The concept, presently named EYE, was the product of 11 students studying at IED. The lead designer from Tesla was also involved, but only as a source of information to aid in the process rather than influence it.

The EYE Concept is a 2+2 all electric sports coupe which will take aim at a younger crowd. A heavy emphasis will be placed on in vehicle technology, specifically mobile internet and digital media. It will also be laden with electronics geared toward safety and control.

While no official information has been released regarding the concepts powertrain, it is a safe bet that Tesla would be proving their electric drive system if the EYE ever entered production.

The EYE is also being branded as a design study being conducted by Tesla to give them some insight for the styling of their projected mass market vehicle.

More information will be released after being unveiled on the Geneva Show Floor.

Inside Line
Mar 1, 2010
by Anonymous

True Boba Fett Car Face.

True Boba Fett Car Face.