Text-ile Chair: Taking Keyboards Out of Con-text


The amount of tech waste produced each year is astounding. To put some of the discarded goods to use, designers Dante Bonnucelli and Lamm put together this Text-ile Chair, made from old keyboards.

The Text-ile Chair was designed for the 2009 UMUL (Use More, Use Less) project, a workshop solely focused on re-use in design. The keyboards used in this project were donated from VOICE SYSTEMS, a company that offers IT support to computer users with visual disabilities.  In an upgrade to a VOICE box system that reads text, the laptop keyboards were no longer necessary and so were donated to the designers.  

Though its overall shape suggests comfort, the idea of resting one's bones on a lounger made of keyboards doesn't sound all that appealing. Plus, the amount of dirt and grime that would be accrued through daily use is also slightly off-putting.  But hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

This project seems to be bit of a cheeky diversion from the usual fare for both Bonuccelli and Lamm, as both have amassed fairly sizeable portfolios that mostly include the serious business of sleek and modern interior design in both the public and private realms. 


Via Inhabit