Thank You Ninjas: Distributing Random Acts Of Thanks Anonymously

Giving back with no strings attached doesn't happen enough in this world. Even charitable donations aren't Random Acts of ThanksRandom Acts of Thanksalways a result of intent to do good; the tax break can be a persuasive perk, after all. It's easy to become jaded about people and society, all things considered. That is, until you hear about businesses like this one that have the single goal of giving gratitude.

Thank You Ninjas has a long history of doing what they're more officially doing now - sending anonymous thank you notes to strangers just to make their day. The Original Thank You Ninja (OTYN), Sarah Carmichael spent ten years sending random notes in the mail simply saying "thank you for all the good you offer the world". Online address directories made it easy for her to find individuals worthy of thanking. Which, per the Thank You Ninja philosophy, is everyone. 

Later, the OTYN began expanding her thank you note dispersal to bring joy to people locally, simply for doing things that most people don't get recognized for. We all have neighbors that have beautiful gardens that make us smile, or whose dog our children love to pet. However, thanking people for such things is awkward, and comes with strings attached. Even if that string is simply saying "thank you", the focus of the good deed is transferred from the recipient to the person who gave thanks. So, the OTYN used ninja stealth to thank neighbors for such things anonymously.

Anonymity is an important part of the Thank You Ninja approach because feeling good about yourself when someone reciprocates your gratitude with gratitude of their own defeats the whole concept. The goal is to bring joy to others. Doing a good deed simply for recognition that you're a good person happens enough in our society already. Thank You Ninjas, on the other hand, is all about the recipient. Of course, anonymity isn't a rule when intentions are good.

Though the Thank You Ninjas model has been operating for some time, founder Sarah decided that its time to start spreading their philosophy. It brings back an approach to giving that is pure, untainted, and positively old-fashioned (in an amazing vintage find kind of way, that makes you realize they just don't make things like they used to).

Thank You Ninja DistributionThank You Ninja Distribution

Attempting to spread joy to strangers has become a trend on a small scale in recent years - leaving "you are beautiful" notes in random locations to make someone smile, is one example of an initiative. So, if you're thinking that this concept sounds familiar, you're not entirely wrong. But here's the thing - it is an incredible new concept in that it isn't just promoting a trend - it's more of a lifestyle commitment for those that want to get involved in making others feel like they're doing good to the world.

I know you're also wondering how giving gratitude translates to an innovative business concept. It meets the criteria since a line of branded thank you cards have been available for purchase since the business went live. These just make it an even cooler initiative, and prevent recipients from worrying that they've hooked themselves a good old-fashioned stalker.

Thank You Ninja PostcardThank You Ninja Postcard

Many people have posted pictures of their involvement with the Thank You Ninjas since their Facebook page launched. They've been reinstating the joys of using snail mail, and hitting the streets for distribution on cars, and even personally. A few previous recipients of ninja notes have also come forward, with one individual even reporting that he carries his with him as a reminder that he's appreciated.

For the sake of full disclosure, while this is not a sponsored post, the tip about Thank You Ninjas came from no other than the original gangsta...errr, Thank You Ninja herself who happens to be a good friend. And she's given me the pleasure of officially outing her secret identity to the world, and that my friends is a privilege even greater than personally unmasking the world's better known super heroes that now welcome the OTYN to their ranks.