Thanko Air Bath Pillow Smartphone Holder Lets You Facebook While Bathing


Japanese novelty goods vendor Thanko is well known in these parts, but their supply of ideas has yet to be emptied. Today, we have a blow-up pillow with a retractable arm built-in. The arm's meant to hold your smartphone out of the water, un-burdening your own arms of that task (which Thanko are banking even those with waterproof devices impulsively do anyway).



Available in grey, white, or pink, the Air Bath Pillow Smartphone Holder uses velcro and an included waterproof case to fix your smartphone. Devices as big as the iPhone 6 Plus (5.5") are workable, and the arm length is adjustable. Though, that latter point is dubious, for a wall behind the pillow will drastically reduce how far you can retract the arm.

Of course, Thanko are quick to point out other uses of its "Bath" Pillow. One can swap their bed's regular pillow and have their smartphone hanging above their face while laying down, for instance.



Whatever the use scenario, $25 is what you'll pay for an Air Bath Pillow Smartphone Holder, which Thanko have made available through its overseas-targeted website.