Thanko Offers Fashionble Answer To Tired Ears

Gadgets and accessories are an integral part of our lives these days. And when gadgets combine with accessories to create high fashion, the world takes notice.

Thanko, famous for a range of quirky gadgets, has a new offering; the Sound Lives Stereo Earphone, which is as high on the quirk factor as it is on fashion and practicality.

The Sound Lives Stereo Earphone features a tiny speaker on the outer ear that can swivel up to 90 degrees. This enables the wearer to enjoy music without suffering from ear fatigue or shutting himself or herself out of the world completely.

Sounds great, especially for kids and youngsters who seem to always have their earphones plugged into an iPod, PSP or their phone.

The earphones come in a variety of styles including soccer ball, skull and cross bones and panda, and as they double as earrings, they allow the wearer to break several fashion rules at once while continuing to rock!

Sound Lives Stereo Earphones retail at just 1,980 yen or about $20 from Amazon. Pittance for innovative fashion, combined with technical sophistry.


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