Thanko Waterproof Video Camera: Small, Simple And Inexpensive


Though technology benefits most everyone, it has a way of benefiting the perviest among us a bit more than others. While one could use this new Thanko Waterproof Video Camera for more noble endeavors like capturing a tight swim meet victory, something tells me that it will appeal more to the creepy SOB hovering around the breakers just waiting for the top or bottom of some poor damsel's bikini to come flying off. The tiny 22-gram, 2.5-inch video camera straps seamlessly to the head looking no more ostentatious than the thin, blue headband with which it attaches. This way, no one will have a clue what a creepy lurker that guy is until he tries speaking to them. More good news for pervs, the camera is video-only, so you won't even have to relive those young lasses screaming at you as they realized what you were up to.

Quality video specs probably aren't a priority for anyone shopping for a tiny, waterproof video camera, so the Thanko camera films QVGA at 25 fps. The camera is waterproof to 20 meters and films for two to three hours per USB charge. Apparently, it can even be strapped to a remote control car for the most boring vehicular POV that you've ever watched. Or, perhaps for El Pervo  to send into the ladies' locker room at the YMCA once beach season is over. The camera will set you back $135, and a whole lot of self respect if you actually thought some of the uses mentioned here were good ideas.

via Oh Gizmo! and Thanko

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