Portable USB Handy Iron Ceases Unfashionable Creases

Iron out the rough spots with the portable USB Handy Iron from Japan's Thanko. Whether plugged into your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile battery, or used “wireless” via three internal AA-size batteries, this snappy new pocket-sized iron is sure to in-crease your chances of promotion!

Though no larger than a pack of cigarettes, the USB Handy Iron has got what it takes to eliminate those dreaded wrinkles and creases (on your clothes, not your face). Stride into any important meeting, luncheon date or job interview looking like a million bucks – all thanks to Thanko's mighty 1,980 yen ($30) wonder.

Within 2 minutes of turning on your USB Handy Iron, the temperature between its clamshell press plates rockets to just under the boiling point of water. Simply give the offending fabric a quick spritz from a spray bottle (if you're in Japan, the oppressively humid ambient air is moist enough) and iron like it's going out of style!

The USB Handy Iron comes with a USB connecting cable but you'll have to procure the trio of AA-size batteries for the internal compartment on your own time & dime. Check out Thanko's promotional video here to see the USB Handy Iron in action and visit Thanko's product page for further details, images and ordering info.