Thanks For Coming, Now Go Away!

Don't you sometimes wish that you could tell your guests to leave? Maybe it's not that they bore you, you're just not in the mood for company. Well, look at this crazy doormat....

Designers Sam & Jude, founders of SUCK UK, created a very clever Come In Go Away mat. Yes, it says Come In from one side and Go Away from the other. This design is called an "ambigram ," a graphic image that can be read exactly the same way upside-down or read completely differently upside-down.

There are three uses for the Come In Go Away ambigram doormat:


1. To welcome your guests:



2. To turn away all potential guests and other intruders




3. To communicate to your guest that he has overstayed his welcome.

In this case, you bring the mat into the house and, in the Go Away position, you place it discreetly in front of your guest's chair. When the guest sees the mat, and is surprised at your indelicacy, you say indignantly that you have no idea how it got there... your dog Sheldon must have brought it in.

Then shyly smile and say, "Sorry about that." And, looking at your watch, say, "It is getting rather late though."

Try this out and let me know how it works!

In the meantime, I should let you know that the Come In Go Away doormat is made of 100% pure and natural coconut husk that really cleans the b.s. off your shoes. And the mat is available from Nigel's Eco Store in the UK and from in the U.S.




Oct 1, 2008
by Anonymous

Thanks for coming ,now go away ---doormat

This could have been a boon to us while living in France. We had acquaintances that
had no idea that coming over at 8:30 a.m and leaving at midnight was inappropriate.
They, too, were ex-pats ( not from France). After three days of this, at about ten
o'clock at night, my husband turned to me and said " Darlin', why don't you go put on
your nightie and robe? You look tired." FINALLY, the people visiting said.." Well, I guess
we had better go home to bed, too.
I was only slightly put out by my husband when he said this, and we both had good
laughs in the years that have intervened. No. We have NOT kept in contact with
these people. We do not want them living with us during our retirement years.

Oct 5, 2008
by Toby
Toby's picture

Thank you for sharing!

Glad this doormat brought back memories, especially as they are now memories.  Now that you are out of the grip of your "friends," it's good that you can laugh at what happened. But you should always be ready, in case it happens again. :)