Seal Saver Revolutionizes the Concept of Leftovers in China

They may be American, but inventors Jeff Stuebing and Eric Miramon know that all good ideas enjoy a warm reception in Asia. This is why their new invention, the SealSaver, is debuting in the Asian market of the China International Hardware Show this weekend.

Hoping to be picked up by major retailers in Asia, the SealSaver is a product that has been in development for the past 13 years. Working as both a chip clip and a vacuum sealer, the product keeps berries fresh for months and accelerates 24-hour marinades into half hour completions.

The SealSaver Will Revolutionize Leftovers: Source: San Luis Obispo TribuneThe SealSaver Will Revolutionize Leftovers: Source: San Luis Obispo Tribune

Showcasing the new kitchen device in an Asian market is ideal since China and their neighbors are notorious for buying seemingly useless crap that turns out to be genius. That is exactly what the SealSaver seems to be.

After they are done seeking success through the help of influential Asian businessmen at this weekend’s show, the duo hopes to release their product not only overseas but here at home alone with show dates scheduled for Las Vegas and Chicago.

Source: San Luis Obispo Tribune

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