The 10 Best Companies That Create Skateboard Wheel Designs

Not only is creativity shown through skateboard deck designs, but its also displayed through other parts as well, like the wheel.

Skateboard wheels are commonly made from polyurethane and come in many different shapes and sizes due to the different types of skating. Smaller wheels (48-54 mm) keep the board closer to the ground and allow street skaters to pull off tricks easier. Larger wheels (65-90 mm) roll faster which is perfect for vert skaters. Design is also important because it adds a sense of individuality to a skater.

The following is a list of 8 companies that have taken skateboard wheel designs to a whole new level.

#1. Almost Skateboard Wheels


#2. Chocolate Skateboard Wheels


#3. Darkstar Skateboard Wheels


#4. Enjoi Skateboard Wheels


#5. Fillmore Skateboard Wheels


#6. Gold Skateboard Wheels


#7. Mystery Skateboard Wheels


#8. Spitfire Skateboard Wheels

Sources: A1 Skateboard Shop


Which company do you think makes the best skateboard wheel designs? Are there any other companies you know of that should have been mentioned? Please note that this is not a top 8 list. Instead it highlights the work skateboarding companies have done!

If you're interested in finding more skateboard wheels, head over to the A1 Skateboard Shop, where they have the latest models and designs.

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Jul 25, 2008
by Anonymous

spitfire should be #1

spitfire should be #1

Oct 25, 2008
by Anonymous

They dont just "street" skate anymore

While "street" style skating is still the most popular style it's far from the only type of skateboarding right now. Wheel brands like ABEC-11 and Gravity put a lot more R&D into there products. Look beyond "sneaker store" brands for the best products. For smaller style wheels check out "Speedlab"