The 8 Person Smart Fortwo

Ever since its introduction, the Smart Fortwo has received more than a few laughs for it's small size. Carbonyte, a specialty limo company out of the United Kingdom, decided it was time to give the Fortwo some serious miracle grow and stop the harassment.

The new Smaaart was designed as a promotional vehicle. The additional 9 feet that was added is mostly comprised of a 20:1 scale soft drink can. If you look at the colors, it isn't hard to guess what brand.

Even after adding all the additional weight, the Smaart still uses the original 600cc motor. Carbonyte claims it can motivate the unique limo up to 80mph. I am assuming that is empty because with 8 people inside, I don't see over 50mph happening.

Carbonyte was also responsible for the stretched Ferrari and they are planning a Fortwo Hearse. According to the drivers of the Smaaart, it has gotten quite a reaction and in many instances, has halted traffic. It can either be rented or you can custom order one of your own from Carbonyte.

From : Carbonyte

Apr 14, 2008
by LoveInventions
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How many

I wonder how many of these have actually been made.