The Advanced Taser C2: The Ultimate Personal Defense Device?

Taser International, the well known and trusted manufacturer of taser guns for police departments, security personnel and the military, has come out with a great new product for personal defense. The new Advanced Taser C2 is a light weight, compact, hand held device that harnesses all the power of the larger taser defense weapons.

As each year passes we see more and more thieves, sexual predators, murderers, kidnappers and just plain violent or vindictive people attacking others. These attacks are getting bolder all the time. Children and the elderly used to be the groups likely to be targeted due to their weakness but all that has changed. A woman on her way to church gets attacked with a hammer for no apparent reason at the gas station. A man is randomly walked up to and beaten to death. These are becoming increasingly popular news stories.

What is the Difference Between a Taser and a Stun Gun?

The concept of this type of defense technology still confuses many people. For most of us the two devices are blatantly diverse and we know the difference but for those who are still in the dark allow me to quickly explain.

The stun gun is a very short range protection device. Of course there are many good products out there that are small and stylish that work quite well but the one draw back remains that any persons trying to violate you must come within reach. This means entering your personal space which can be frightening and intense. The product must touch the person and to some this is too close for comfort.

A taser works a little differently. Depending on the taser device and its range, it basically shoots small metal spikes into the perpetrator allowing the victim to remain at a safe distance. This offers peace of mind knowing that you don't have to risk yourself by letting them get too close before making your move.

What Makes This Taser Gun Different?

This gun is very light weight and compact. If you have ever seen a news broadcast or an episode of cops where taser guns were used then you'll notice the size of these things! It really would defeat the purpose behind the element of surprise to pull out this massive hand blaster.

The Advanced Taser C2 is so small and easy to use that it can be carried discreetly and usually go completely unnoticed either by placing it in a purse, fanny pack or even the neat little carrying cases they come with.

For all of the ladies out there here's something you'll love about the Advanced Taser C2. It is very stylish. Yep, that's right. It all comes down to cute right? Well, they come in nine colors to personalize your taser here are a few of the more popular colors: pink, blue, silver , red and of course black.

Special Features of the Advanced Taser C2

Neuro Muscular Incapacitation, or NMI, is the technology behind this weapon. Basically the brain is over ridden when the electric charge temporarily takes away the perpetrators control of bodily movement. They are absolutely harmless and unable to move which gives the victim enough time to escape and call for help.

Perhaps the best qualities of the Advanced Taser C2 are:

1. Lithium Power Magazine provides over 50 applications

2. Stop attackers from up to 15 ft. (4.5 m)

But this certainly isn't all that this new device has in the way of special features. Firstly the brilliantly designed penetration darts are sure to break through clothing and provide the powerful pulse to take down the attacker. This is an attractive aspect that makes anyone looking to buy a taser smile with relief.

A few other gems that this new product has to offer includes: an Anti-Felon Identification System to prevent misuse, a safety cover to prevent accidents, a light that is activated when the safety shield is opened to ensure a quick response, and finally laser integration so you won't miss the intended target.

Who Should Own A Taser?

Anyone can own this taser for personal or home protection. They are a safer substitute to buying a gun. Bullets kill and not that there is anything wrong with a person exercising their constitutional right to bear arms; safety should be your primary concern. If not for the person about to violate you, then at least for your family's sake think about this alternative weapon.

To obtain this weapon however, there is a background check that you must first complete. It only takes a few moments and you can choose to do it via internet or telephone depending on where you are buying from. You can be immediately approved and purchase your taser if all goes well with the background check.

Manda Spring
Guest Blogger

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Jun 18, 2008
by Anonymous


I was thinking about getting a gun for protection but now I am much more comfortable with the idea of getting the Taser C2!

Thanks for the information.

Jun 18, 2008
by Anonymous

i have a question though.

i have a question though. Tasers shoot out their, i assume pads that stick to the person you need defense against. however, if you miss, isn't the "spring back" or re-shooting capacity important too? and if so, how does that work, or what makes products different in this respect??
this might sound ignorant, but i've never come across any "after taser footage".

Jun 25, 2008
by Manda Spring

Thanks for the Comments!

Thanks to all the readers that came by and those that left comments! As for the question: The 'pads' you refer to are actually metal darts and they penetrate clothing and skin in order to shock the attacker (they don't shoot/spring back). As for missing the target there is a laser light that helps you aim properly to make sure you don't miss. There are safety precautions to stop accidental firing and as for re-shooting there are 50 applications per magazine in this hand held device so you can re-fire at the target if by chance you miss.

By the way, there are no ignorant questions... this is the very point, to learn about the newest technology and benefit from it.Smile