The Beater Blade: Best Blade On The Block

New Metro Design has discovered and is busy filling a need in the kitchen appliance industry with the introduction of its Beater Blade . This beater blade appeals to the chef in all of us who love to use our standing mixers to create cookies, frostings and cheesecakes that make us proud (and sometimes fat) but hate scraping out the bowl. Designed by Gary Fallowes, a secret lover of cheesecake and hater of bowl scraping, the Beater Blade guarantees the modern cook perfect results every time, with the promise of no flour or unincorporated food at the bottom of the bowl.

The beater blades are part of a line of three SKUs (store keeping units), each being a stand mixer blade with a silicone edge, which "cleans" the insides of the bowl as the beater blade revolves within. These beater blades fit several brands of mixers including Viking, DeLonghi, Cuisinart (7-quart stand mixers), Kitchen-Aid mixers with drop-down bowls and also those with tilt-tops.

New Metro was established in 2004 and its mission is to "seek solutions to culinary conundrums by adding a dash of joy and fun to family cooking and entertaining." Fallowes named the company after his grandfather who started the business back in the 1930s in New York City (The Metro Envelope Corporation). Although the beater blade is still very new, the folks at New Metro estimate that the beater blade will fill a niche in the kitchen appliance industry and prove to be a very helpful and popular innovation for cooks of all levels, be they gourmets, chefs, cooks and/or wannabes. (Buy Beater Blade here .)


M Dee Dubroff
Guest Blogger

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